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Information about the European Standard

Emergency exit door locking according to EN 1125 and EN 179

Escape doors
The standard EN 1125 defines requirements for escape doors in public buildings. People within those buldings do not know about the exit function or the locking mechanism. Conditional of the high public access panic situations can be ocurred.
So you got to make shure that an intuitive operating by a horizontal bar handhould or a push bar is guaranteed.
Icon: DIN EN 1125 escape doors  Icon: Application panic door
Emergency exit doors
The standard EN 179 is made for emergency doors in offices or factories for example. People in these buildings are familiar with the exit function. There is no danger of a panic.
Operation made by lever or push-pad can be realized.
Icon: DIN EN 179 Emergency exit doors  Icon: Application emergency exit doors

Panic locking mechanisms according to EN 1125 and emergency locking mechanisms according to EN 179, consisting of lock, fitting and freewheel cylinder where required, have to be tested and certified conjointly.

In accordance with EN 1125 and EN 179, the manufacturer of a panic or emergency exit lock can enable a building hardware dealer to assign the escape door lock and permitted fitting himself on the basis of documentation provided.
The certificates which explicitly refer to the suitable/allowed combination possibilities are always decisive, see Service/Download.