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  for PVCu doors
   uPVC profile

  for Aluminium doors
   Aluminium profile

  for Timber doors
   Timber doors

For single emergency exit doors of Aluminium, PVCu or Timber

Image: MULTISAFE 870 - Panic locking mechansim for single escape doors
MULTISAFE 870 - for panic- and emergency exit doors
  • available in 3 different locking types:
    - steel hook bolts
    - steel round bolts
    - hook bolts with dual round bolts
  • certified solutions according to EN 1125 and EN 179, see certificates
  • right/left applicable
  • with transmission
  • 35/40/45/55/65/80 mm backset
  • 92 mm dinstance
  • 9/8 mm solid spindle
  • 9 mm split spindle
  • flat faceplate 16/20/24 x 2.170 mm, FUHR-silver
  • U-faceplate 24 x 6 x 2.170 mm, FUHR-silver
  • further designs on request
PLEASE NOTE! In order to ensure the panic/emergency opening function, it is imperative to use a non-restricted cylinder with the marking 'FZG’!
Picto escape doors
Locking and unlocking is carried out with two key turns. It is opened from the inside by operating either the lever-handle or the push bar, and from the outside via the profile cylinder key. On the panic version D, the latch can also be retracted via the exterior lever-handle.
Image: Suitable for the application on escape doors   Bild: Suitable for the application on emergency exit doors