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Motorised automatic locking systems. The comfortable way of security.

Bild: autotronic 834 - automatische Sicherheit

autotronic 836 – Sheer variety

In addition to secure, automatic locking, autotronic 836 offers a wide range of convenient opening options thanks to its high-quality motor drive: via the home intercom system, with the FUHR radio access systems or via any other access control system, including SmartHome solutions. The numerous connection options on the motor and the optional control open up innumerable perspectives for use. All functions of the autotronic 836 can also be achieved by retrofitting the motor drive to the autosafe 835.

  • Universal connection options
  • Both for new buildings and for integration into existing objects
  • Quickly and easily plug & play installation
  • Easy to add FUHR radio access control systems
  • Numerous opening possibilities via:
    • Home intercom system
    • FUHR access control systems
    • Any other access control system
    • SmartHome solutions
    • Home automations
  • Robust latching bolts for optimum locking sequence and tightness
  • Even more security due to sturdy hook bolts
  • Pre-assembled motor drive autotronic 836 6 is equipped with a factory-fitted motor drive.
  • Fast motorised unlocking within half a second
  • Powerfull motorised opening
  • Motor drive with LED connection for optional locking indicator on the outside of the door
  • Integrated reed contact for the motor control
  • Using the intelligent control allows further expansion steps as object-specific solutions, for example:
    • Permanently open function
    • Electronic deactivation of the access control systems
    • Swing door drive function
    • Door leaf position detection
  • Proven tamper-proof and dirt-resistant magnetic release
  • Wide range with proven technology – successfully completed durability tests with more than 200,000 operating cycles document the longevity.
  • Suitable for use with existing system solutions – same cut-outs, same frame components

Technical details
  • Backset: 35, 40, 45, 55 and 65 mm
  • Follower: 8, 9 or 10 mm
  • Centre: 92 mm
  • Faceplate: FUHR-Silver or stainless steel
  • Prepared for standard profile cylinder or KABA-round cylinder
  • For single and double-leaf doors

Additional options

autotronic 836P – Automatic panic multipoint locking system with motorised unlocking
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                               Icon DIN EN 1125 Icon DIN EN 179

autosafe 836PK - Automatic panic multipoint locking system with motorised unlocking and switching contacts
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                               Icon DIN EN 1125 Icon DIN EN 179
Pikto Automatik
autotronic 836 – The next generation of automatic locking systems
The automatic latching bolt ensures tightness and keeps the door in place. The latching and hook bolts automatically extend to 20 mm and are secured against being pushed back.Contrary to conventional automatic locks, the hook bolt locks even if the latching bolt can extend only to 13 mm. Even in this position, the latching and hook bolts are prevented from being pushed back.

Optional access control systems

Bild: Optionale Funk-Zutrittskontrollen von FUHR

Bild: Siegel der GGT für die bestandene Benutzerprüfung       Bild: VdS