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Increased security due to automatic locking

Bild: autosafe 835 - automatische Sicherheit

autosafe 835 - the new series of automatic locks for increased security
The new multipoint locking system autosafe 835 with their type 10 latching bolt/hook bolt combination ensure the greatest possible security when locking the door.

  • Robust latching bolts for optimum locking sequence and tightness
  • Even more security due to sturdy hook bolts
  • High locking process reliability thanks to the unique, process-controlled DuoSecure technology
  • Convenient opening with two-step opening process
  • Thanks to the constantly effective multipoint locking system, door warping is permanently prevented, thus ensuring constant tightness
  • Proven tamper-proof and dirt-resistant magnetic release
  • Wide range with proven technology – successfully completed durability tests with more than 200,000 operating cycles document the longevity
  • Retrofittable motor drive – provides maximum flexibility in responding to customer requests.
  • Full product range for every requirement: standard, motorised and panic locks (1- and 2-leaf)
  • Suitable for use with existing system solutions – same cut-outs,same frame components

Additional options


autosafe 835SP – automatic lock with integrated access restriction for limited door opening
  • Increased safety from uninvited guests
  • The access restriction can also be deactivated with a cylinder key from the outside of the door

autosafe 835P - automatic lock with integrated panic function for emergency exit doors
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autosafe 835PK - Automatic panic multipoint locking system with motorised unlocking and switching contacts
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Pikto Automatik
autosafe 835 – the new series of multipoint locking systems
Automatic locking of the latching/hook bolt combination by magnetic release when the door is closed. The automatic latching bolt ensures tightness and keeps the door in place. The latching and hook bolts automatically extend to 20 mm and are secured against being pushed back. Contrary to conventional automatic locks, the hook bolt locks even if the latching bolt can extend only to 13 mm. Even in this position, the latching and hook bolts are prevented from being pushed back.
    Bild:Noch mehr Sicherheit durch stabile Fallenbolzen/Schwenkriegel-Kombination      Bild: Die stabile Fallenbolzen-/Schwenkriegel-Kombination fährt automatisch aus.      Bild: VdS