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  for PVCu doors
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Automatic multipoint locking systems with panic function

Bild: autosafe 833P - Automatik-Mehrfachverriegelung mit Panikfunktion

autosafe 833P – Emergency exit device with automatic multipoint locking system and panic function for non-residential projects
For single- and double leaf emergency exit doors according to DIN EN 179 with lever handle and escape doors according to DIN EN 1125 with push bar.



  • Additional security because the user does not need to remember to lock the door – it does it itself
  • The main deadbolt also automatically extends
  • Automatic locking for maximum convenience
  • The additional latches become sturdy deadbolts the moment the door is shut
  • Deadlocking latch with 20 mm throw and counter-pressure device
  • Constant force preventing the door from warping
  • Fire-resistant design
  • No freewheel cylinder required
  • Non-handed use thanks to easy latch changing
  • Suitable for system tests up to RC3 according to EN 1627 ff.

Technical details
  • Backset: 35, 40, 45, 55 and 65 mm
  • Follower: 9 mm continuous – panic function E
  • 9 mm split – panic function B
  • Centre: 92 mm / KABA 94 mm
  • Faceplate versions: faceplate 16, 20 and 24 mm, U-faceplate 22 x6, 24 x 6 and 24 x 6,7 mm
  • Finish: FUHR-Silver or stainless steel
  • Prepared for standard profile cylinder or KABA-round cylinder
  • For single-leaf doors consist of PVC, aluminium and timber
  • For double-leaf alumnium doors with panic keep

Optional versions
  • autosafe 833PK - Panic function E with switching contacts for monitoring lever, deadbolt and cylinder

  • Kindergarten solution: automatic locking and double lever with two lock variants available more...

  • Controlled latch locking
    Allows all locking elements to be retracted and locked using the cylinder key. Available with panic function E. Not permitted on fire resistant and smoke control doors

Pikto Automatik

Function of the single-leaf version
When the door closes, all latches and the main deadbolt automatically extend.

The door is opened from the inside using the lever or panic push bar, and from the outside with the cylinder key.

At panic function B the exterior lever-handle can be activated or deactivated via the cylinder key.


Function of the double-leaf version

When the door closes, all latches and the main deadbolt automatically extend and are sucured against being pushed back. Unimpeded escape to the outside, using the lever or panic push bar on either the active or inactive leaf, is however assured. When the inactive leaf is opened in an emergency, the rods of the drive locks are retracted from the keep and, at the same time, all of the locking elements in the active leaf are pushed back. The round rods of the inactive leaf automatically latch in this position. Only when the passive leaf is closed, does a switching lock automatically trigger locking the rods at the top and bottom.

    Bild: Beim Schließen der Tür fahren automatisch zwei Fallenriegel aus und bewirken eine Mehrfachverriegelung, die nicht vergessen werden kann.       Bild: Die stabilen Fallenriegel fahren automatisch aus.   Bild: Geprüft und zertifiziert gem. der DIN EN 1125. Bild: Geprüft und zertifiziert gem. der DIN EN 179.      Bild: VdS